Can You Make Money With AI Art? Start Earning Now

April 15, 2024

Artificial intelligence is shaking things up in the art world. It’s not just about robots taking over; it’s about creating something new and selling it. Let's dive into what you need to know about AI-generated art, from printing to making money off it.

Can you make money with AI generated art?

Can I Print AI-Generated Art?

Sure, you can print AI-generated art just like any photo or digital image. The key thing to check is if you're allowed to use the AI software for this. Some tools say it's okay to make prints; others might have rules against it. Always read the fine print first.

Can I Legally Sell AI-Generated Art?

Yes, mostly, you can sell AI-generated art. The big question is about copyrights. If your AI tool makes something new without copying others' work, you should be good to go.

For example, if you generate using AI an image of Goku from Dragon Ball Z such that anyone that sees it will recognize it's Goku, you will likely have issues selling this print without getting the proper licensing to do so.

Also remember, if the tool learned from someone else's art, that might get tricky. Check the terms of the tool you’re using to avoid any legal hassles.

Is Selling AI Art Profitable?

It can be. The cool part about AI art is that once you set it up, your costs can be pretty low. You can sell prints or digital copies all over the world. Early birds in this market are already seeing some nice profits. We're selling some ourselves on the Starving Robots Shop. But like any business, it's about finding your niche and standing out.

Starving Robots Shop

Can You Make Money with AI Art?

Definitely. Start with picking the right AI art generator—one that fits your style and lets you sell your work. Play around with it, create some unique pieces, and see what grabs people’s attention. Sell your art online, through social media, or at art shows. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of something new like this.

Just remember, making money from AI art is a lot like starting your own company. You won’t have a boss, but you’ll need to be your own motivator. It’s more fun to work on your own projects and potentially a lot more rewarding. Plus, this could be a fresh way to not just make a living but possibly strike it big.

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